He started his activities in 1996 under the name of Deniz Metal. Founded by Mustafa TUNA, our company changed its name to Arden Metal in 2000 and has put a permanent signature on the sector we are in. Later on, considering the needs of today and the commercial conditions, ÇATI SAN. PANELI, CEPHE SAN. PANEL, ASMA CEILING INSULATION CONSTRUCTION MATERIALS Expanded It has begun to create the product group of today. As ARDEN METAL we serve all regions of Turkey. Our company's activity area is polystyrene, stone wool, glass wool sandwich panels by its own system, trapeze plates, office industry type suspended ceiling. Our company, which is registered in its own domain and region, is thought to follow the technological developments all over the world in every direction and it is thought that the products we have are obliged to carry with higher quality. TEKNO PANEL, ROYNBOW, ALMETSAN, SANOXPO, METAL MARKET and our company which is one of the leading brands in the sector, is in the top rank in the sales ranks throughout Turkey every year. ARDEN METAL has aimed to share its product share with its customers by keeping customer satisfaction at the forefront with reasonable prices. In addition, our company is developing with our experienced and expert staff in construction, insulation, carpentry in order to provide better service to our customers and our development. Between Sales and Purchasing, we keep informing our customers to the smallest extent in service and continue to apply support during assembly. We are proud to assist you in your investment in matters of interest.

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